Zimbali is on a Mission

to Drive Financial Inclusion


Financial Equity and Inclusion: It’s all possible with Central Bank Digital Currency

With 1.7 billion unbanked globally, the world’s Central Banks have realized that they need a modern and inclusive financial infrastructure so that everyone can access financial services. The solution–Central Bank Digital Currencies or CDBC’s. With a CBDC, anyone with a phone can have access to financial services. This is the end of financial exclusion and the beginning of economic freedom.

Central Banks

ZIMBALI delivers a digital token infrastructure that enables Central Banks to mint, manage and distribute their CBDC, a digital version of their fiat currency to banks, financial institutions, and the public. The CBDC is fully interoperable with the existing fiat financial system.


Businesses can accept payment via QR code and can enjoy access to instant CBDC payments into their justpayme wallet from anywhere at any time.


With our justpayme app, people can transact with the CBDC to send and receive money safely, securely and cheaply–all from a mobile phone.  Remittances, payments to business and friends and family can occur instantaneously with justpayme.

Financial Institutions

We give banks and financial institutions the technology and API links into the CBDC ecosystem to onboard and service their customers.

About Zimbali

ZIMBALI will transform the lives of millions worldwide by modernizing Central Bank financial infrastructure and simplifying how money moves in the global digital economy.

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The Ultimate CBDC Digital Wallet App.

  • Send money. 
  • Save money. 
  • Earn money. 
  • Lend money. 
  • Borrow Money.
  • Exchange Money.

All with the justpayme app.

The ZIMBALI Advantage


Our digital token infrastructure is the most secure platform available, and the most resilient to disruptions on the order of transactions, botnets, distributed denial of service attacks, and malicious firewalls. Our user wallet, justpayme, is built to the industry highest security standards.


Anyone with a mobile phone can access financial services. We offer offline transactions to ensure accessibility with cash card and basic phone accounts.


Our robust capability and scalability for high performance is unmatched with 10,000 transactions per second (tps) plus clearance and settlement in under 5 seconds. Thus, our technology can accommodate the scale and efficiencies required for an entire economy to transact on our infrastructure.


The digital currency is connected and interoperable with the national fiat currency. By integrating our digital token infrastructure alongside the national fiat currency infrastructure, the distribution of digital currency to the general public is fast, cost-effective, and traceable, even down to the point-of-sale transaction level.

Our CBDC Pilot Service

Our CBDC Pilot supports the creation, distribution, management, audit, compliance, and retirement of CBDC tokens as well as the infrastructure modules necessary to ensure the secure issuance, custody, accounting, trading, clearance, and settlement of all the financial transactions that a Central Bank and its commercial partners are expected to manage.

On the retail side, justpayme app allows for within-country and cross-border payments and remittances. Justpayme reduces the cost of merchant payment processing, expands the accessibility of digital payment services to everyone especially the unbanked, and increases the speed and security of clearance and settlement activities.

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