Zimbali empowers people and emerging economies through digital currency solutions.

We deliver smart, highly secure, digital ledger solutions for the global economy to by building necessary economic infrastructure and providing financial inclusion through central bank digital currency.

Financial Equity and Inclusion: Its all possible with Central Bank Digital Currency

As cryptocurrencies and have become more popular, the world’s central banks have realized that they need to provide an alternative. They are called central bank digital currencies or CDBC’s. Zimbali provides digital and financial infrastructure to central banks in emerging economies so that merchants and customers can benefit and grow.

Central Banks

We create a transactional ecosystem with a USD stable coin, the Blackcoin, a digital currency to provide financial services to traditionally underserved communities through the justpayme wallet.


With the MyMerchant functionality of our JustPayMe app, business owners can enjoy access to low fees, faster transactions, getting payments from anywhere at any time.


Our Justpayme app uses CBDC to send and receive money safely, securely and cheaply all from your mobile phone

Financial Institutions

We give Commercial banks the technology and ecosystem to provide their customers with powerful, secure, and easy to use payment applications.

About Us

Zimbali is a Financial Technology company comprised of some of experienced….
We use blockchain and ledger technology to initiate seamless transactions…

Our mission is to empower people, businesses and governments in underserved communities and emerging economies to thrive in the global digital economy by delivering innovative digital currency solutions.

Accept Digital Payments
Receive all your digital payments into your secure wallet from anywhere, anytime, in any currency.

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

With Zimbali and justpayme, everyone will have access to the digital economy


Our secure, streamlined payments ecosystem offers a global integrated payment solution with AI-based fraud detection.


We reduce burdensome payment processing fees for your business and enable our customers to earn, save and spend their money safely and quickly.


We give your business inexpensive yet powerful tools to accept any digital payment your customers use.


Our digital wallet allows you to make contactless mobile and card payments to retail and online businesses, friends, and family globally.

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